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GFL Rewards

Welcome to our
GFL Dollars Program

What is it you ask? It is a way for us to reward you! 

During game days our commissioners, who regularly attend our senior and junior games will be given these vouchers to hand out dubbed "GFL Dollars". These can be spent on anything at our local clubs except for alcohol and then we - the GFL- then reimburse them

Who gets these? 

Anyone who we notice sharing/demonstrating and leading the positives values we hold highly as a league and would love to see more of at our games. This could be for anyone from players, to coaches, spectators and club officials. 

For our clubs:

How to redeem the vouchers received:

Please send an invoice to our treasurer with the total number at the end of each round. We also require the physical voucher card to match up to the invoice before payment is made

(presidents & admin can pass these along)

Voucher Use:

- Vouchers are valid for 1 season as per the date on the back 

- Valid vouchers will be signed by the commissioner who gifted it

- Vouchers can be used  for anything including merch, club player dinners etc EXCLUDING alcohol 

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