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Great Southern Colts Carnival

~This page is Under Construction~

This squad is meticulously selected by the Rep Football Commissioner and the Coach of the squad. The team and officials train hard to ready themselves to travel to Lake Grace and take part in the Great Southern Colts Carnival held by CFWA. 

These players all have the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of Subiaco Football Club scouts, who are on the lookout for their next crop of young guns... the next step towards every young lads dreams!

Left: Macgregor medalist, Judd Kelman. Above: 2023 GSC Team. Right: GFL's carnival best players.

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GSC All Star Selections:

2001 -     Rob Hansen (Vice Capt), Chris Osmetti (Carnival F&B, Mathew Wellstead, Kody Kelman, David Stubbs, Josh Riddle, Josh Norton
2000 -     Darren Mason, Shane Properjohn, David Stubbs, Travis Brahim, Kevin Rundle, Jaymie Graham

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